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ISD Hardware Company Profile -


ISD Hardware Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and exporter in the field of plumbing fixture & fittings, shower heads, sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, toilet repair and so on from Taiwan.


High quality, low price and prompt delivery are the key elements of our service and this has won us the trust and respect of our customers

worldwide. In addition, we also provide OEM/ODM services for our precious clientele. The specific requirements, customer's original

designs and specifications are also welcome. 


Currently, we carried the main product range were according with plumbing fixture and fittings, bathroom accessories, overflow and

wastes, brass or stainless steel hardware and so on. Surely, We also very welcome to take on the different inquiries of the OEM/ODM

design and manufacture from other industries in worldwide.


Innovation Product, Highly Quality, Concept Design and Various Source are main value of our company. Growth and Improvement are the

goals of every member in our company.


If you want to know the more ISD Hardware, we deeply appreciated you are willing to

download the official document of presentation by company profile as the right side.


Thank you very much.

Company Profile

CNC Machine

Quality Control

Injection Machine

The whole of our producing facilities from PlatingBSand CastingBForgingBDie Casting and Assembly works. High

QualityBLow Price and Prompt Delivery are key elements of our service.


So that, we believed that when you chose ISD Hardware as your professional supplier which means you had already access

to the best manufacturing force in Asia!

The Shower Product Specialist By -

International Hardware Source & Design Co., Ltd.

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International Hardware Source & Design Co., Ltd.

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